Sunday, April 2, 2023

Food City and Walmart Haul

This was a small grocery haul. Anthony wanted ice cream. He also wanted chili dogs. So I got what he wanted. Got soda, can soup, can of chili, Anthony needed body wash, vegetable oil, toilet paper, hot dog buns, powerade, lettuce and tomatoes.  $36.00 and some change.  

Couple of weeks ago, Anthony and I went grocery shopping. The following day, Anthony got sick, he was in a lot of pain. So, we headed to ER. ER doctor did a CT Scan. About hour later the doctor gave us the results, not good. They transported Anthony to downtown hospital, where he had two surgeries. He was in the hospital for five days. I was with him all the time. So, no cooking the time he was in the hospital. 

Our vacuum decided to stop working, so went to Walmart to get a new vacuum cleaner. While I was there got pepper gel, tongs and dog treats for Miss Greta.  

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