Kitchen Chew

Have you ever started a dish, and find that you have run out of an ingredient? 

If you are new to the kitchen, it's time to get acquainted.

I answer common questions about flour. 

9 household uses!

Cooking Oil 101 
Different types of cooking oil and use for each of them.

Different types of peppers and the Scoville ratings of peppers.

Cheese 101
Here is a short list of some of the popular cheeses.

Cast Iron Care
Cast iron skillet is a chef staple. Learn how to care for your cast iron skillet.

Paprika is made from grinding various kinds of peppers. Read the article.

11 Easy Skillet Meals
"Quick and Easy" way to a delicious homemade dinner.

Money Saving Tips
Money saving tips in the grocery store.

Foil Packs Taking Over
Foil pack meals are perfect for grilling, camping or just toss in your oven.

3 Ways with Deviled Eggs 
At a get together, the deviled eggs are the first to go.

4 Easy Chili Recipes
Round up your family and serve them a hearty bowl of chili.

11 Easy Pasta Recipes
Pasta is cheap, versatile and delicious. 

Keep Your Onions and Potatoes Separate 
How to store your onions and potatoes.


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