Thursday, March 2, 2017

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut maybe the most versatile health food on the earth. It's great to cook with and several health benefits, also can be use for natural beauty treatments. In some countries the coconut tree is consider to be "the tree of life." Coconut oil is a solid, but quickly melts when it comes in contact with your hands.

1. Natural skin moisturizer.
2. Coconut has a natural SPF and protect you from sun damage.
3. Wrinkle reducer.
4. Natural makeup remover.
5. Lip balm.
6. Natural lip gloss. 
7. Personal lube. Avoid using coconut oil or any other while using latex contraceptives, it may corrode latex.
8. Wound salve. Good for rashes, burns and open wound. Use it like neosporin.
9. Shaving cream.
9. Sunburn remedy.
10. Cold sore treatment.
11. Nail cuticle oil.
12. Cracked heels.
13. Natural hair conditioner.
13 Helps with dandruff.
14. Hair brush cleaner.
15. Make up brush cleaner.
16. Hair gel and mousse replacement.
17. Acne treatment.
18. Digestive support.
19. Ezcema and Psoriasis.
20. Tanning oil.
21. Natural baby lotion.
22. For pets with skin problems.

Research: Dr Josh Axe

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