Monday, February 13, 2017

My Story, Vacation February 2017

Last week Jess and I went on vacation. We spent 2 days in Galveston, than 5 days on a cruise. We so needed this vacation. For now, lets talk about the vacation. 

Day 1 ~ We arrived in Galveston at 2:30 pm. We checked into the hotel room and quickly leave to have fun in Galveston. It was warm, humid and very windy. 
Galveston 2017

Day 2 in Galveston ~ Went to Moody Gardens, 3 out 4 exhibits were closed. We did go through the Rainforest, which was awesome. We also went to Galveston Railroad Museum, very interesting. Of course I took a picture of the vintage kitchen on the train. Here's a few pictures of Moody Gardens and the vintage kitchen on the train.

Day 3 ~ Turn in the motel key, and headed out for lunch. Than it was time to park the car and take the shuttle to the boat. Leaving on a cruise. 

Day 4 ~ Fun day at sea. Ate and drank a lot. Dinner was good, but the buffet was not so good. Didn't understand why buffet closed in the middle of the day. We ate Guy's burger, 80/20 and bacon they put on the burger, well not so sure if that was bacon or not. I removed the so call bacon. I got my seafood fix in the middle of the ocean was heavenly. The staff on the boat were friendly, after the first day they knew you by your name. The bartenders and room attendant were friendly and helpful. But the real prize goes to the dinner room attendants, who were the best servers I had in recent memories.The bed on the boat were comfy, I was pleasantly surprise how well I slept. 3,400 guest on the boat.

Day 5 ~ Shore excursions, Cozumel, Mexican Island in the Caribbean Sea. We got on a yellow and blue boat, 45 minutes later we arrived at Passion Island Beach. On the beach for few hours, than headed back to the boat.

Day 6 ~ Yucatan (Progreso) Mexico, shore excursion. We got on a tour bus, 90 minutes later we arrived at the Scared Cavern. While on the tour bus we went through several poor villages. Not sure how these people survive. We saw dogs laying around with there ribs showing. Most people in the villages can't afford cars. Gas is expensive there, $5.50 a gallon. Here's a few pictures on the way to Scared Cavern, and few pictures at Scared Cavern.

Day 7 ~ fun day at sea. Not much happening on the boat today.

Last day on the boat was a nightmare. Suppose to dock at 8:00 am, due to fog couldn't dock until 12:00 pm. It took 4 hours to get off the boat and to the car, and 6 hour drive home.

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  1. Wow what a great trip and vacation! We love cruising. Took over 14 now. This April on the Oasis. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we do. Looks like coming into shore was a problem but the rest looked great!

    1. Claudia, My first cruise and I did enjoy the cruise, so much fun! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. So glad you had a great time. We haven't cruised in years and look forward to doing it again. I have family in Texas and Galveston is one of our favorite day trips, the beach is wonderful! Thanks again for sharing your pictures.

  3. Where did you eat in Galveston? You know, you were only about 30 minutes from the 'Jimmy Rockford.' :-)

    1. We ate at The Spot and Fish Tales. I didn't know you were that close. It would've been nice to meet you. Thanks, Adam!


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