Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Taco Melts

A tender, flaky biscuit wrapped around your favorite taco filling is an easy, flavor hot sandwich.

Taco Melts
Recipe by Christine Lamb - 2016

1 pound ground beef
1 onion, chopped
salt and pepper
1 (10 oz.) can diced tomatoes with green chilies
2 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons cumin
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
1 (16.3 oz.) can jumbo biscuits

In skillet over medium heat, add ground beef, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Just before ground beef is cooked through add onions, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add, diced tomatoes with green chilies, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and water, cook until meat mixture is thickened.

Press biscuits into 6 inch rounds. Spoon 1/4 cup meat mixture and 1 tablespoon cheese onto center of each round. Fold biscuits in halve over meat mixture and press to seal. Place on greased cookie sheet.

Bake at 375 degrees, about 10 to 14 minutes, until golden brown. 

Serve with:
sour cream



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