Sunday, June 30, 2013

Google Reader Going Away

I know a several folks follow my new recipes on Google reader. Google reader service is shutting down, today is the last day. I know this is a hard blow to many. I am happy to say that there are others alternative readers that you can use, like Bloglovin  which can import all your Google reader feeds, and you can still enjoy your favorite blogs without missing a thing. It’s easy to import, just one simple click of a button.

If you don’t follow me on Google reader, no need to worry. You will still receive my new recipes as normal.

If you follow me using Google reader, please make sure to move to another reader app and subscribe to Christine's Pantry feed.

There are other ways to follow all my updates, please check out the side bar. 

Do you want to read your favorite blogs on the go? Bloglovin has taken care of this for you. Download the free app.

Thank you,

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