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Kitchen Chew ~ Stocking Your Pantry

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If you are new to the kitchen, it's time to get acquainted. Whether you are a new mom, new wife, or new to your kitchen, you can easily become a good cook at making dinner with some planning ahead.

Always read the recipe, and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand before you start cooking. Learn what foods go together and what to have in your pantry. Cooking dinner will be fun. Don't you want to have fun cooking dinner for your family? I know it can be. If you have your pantry stocked with a few basics and get some tasty and easy recipes (consider me, easy and affordable recipes), dinner will be fun and easy any time of the week. Below you will find a list of what to keep in your pantry. If you keep these few things on hand, a lot of your stress will be eliminated in the kitchen. I would like for you to be happy and have fun in the kitchen and love learning about food.

Cooking oil, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, nonstick cooking spray
Canned fish, tuna, salmon
Canned tomatoes, diced, tomato sauce
Canned beans, black beans, kidney beans, etc
Tomato paste
Worcestershire sauce
Flour, white and or wheat
Bread crumbs
Chicken stock, box
Spice rack, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, crushed red pepper flakes, thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, bay leaves, cinnamon, salt, pepper, steak seasoning, dried parsley
Sugar and brown sugar
Baking soda
Baking powder
Vanilla extract
Nuts, pecans, walnuts, etc (it's best to store your nuts in the freezer, they will last longer)
Canned corn
Canned green beans
Liquid smoke

Take this list to your pantry and see what you have in your pantry. Then print out this page and take to the grocery store to pick up what you don't already have on hand. A well stocked pantry will save you time and money at the grocery store.




  1. great post for newbie cooks!! I'm going to fwd to my neice at college!

  2. Great post!! Great for newbie cooks - I'm going to fwd to my neice who is living in rez at college!

  3. w00t! This link went direct to your post.

    Good list of what to have on hand. Now if I just had my dream pantry....

  4. I don't think I have ever used liquid smoke. Sounds like something my husband would really like. You should do a post on that so I know what I am doing.

  5. Hi Emily,

    I'll post about liquid smoke soon. :-)

  6. Nice idea Christine - particularly in the fall when people like to get organized. What is liquid smoke?!

  7. Good common sense information...

  8. How I wish I had such a foolproof check list when I took plunge into the kitchen as a newly wed!! Great post...very handy! :)

  9. thanks for sharing but I do stock up some of those that I could quite often, esp the spices, eggs and rice all the more.

  10. Hey Christine,

    Thanks for your kind words. Your space is lovely and this post for sure will help many newbies in the kitchen. These essentials will be really helpful to prepare delicious dishes. Good day!

  11. Great post, Christine! Tks for sharing with us this useful list! ;)
    Have a great week!

  12. This is a great post Christine. I've always got most of these ingredients on hand :)

  13. Hi Kelly,

    Liquid smoke is substance produced from smoke passed through water. Liquid smoke can be used as a seasoning to add smoky flavor to foods. Liquid smoke is often used in the processing of bacon and hot dogs.

  14. When I at the end of the list liquid smoke confused me but now its clear. Thanks for sharing such good tips.

  15. Great list Christine. There were a few items that I don't have so it was a good refresher.

  16. Hi Christine,

    This is the wonderful list. I have just gone through it. Almost all items are available in my Indian pantry except canned tomato and liquid smoke. BTW, thanks a lot for visiting my space and leaving a kind word. Keep visiting!

    My Kitchen Experiments

  17. A well stocked pantry is important :)! Especially now that the weather is getting cooler!

  18. Neatly listed ! My pantry is never that stocked up :D

  19. great list Christine. Now I need to stock up!

  20. Great all-encompassing list. I'm a relatively new cook and proud to say that I have 99% of what's on the list!

    Baking Jenn's Blog

  21. Awesome list Christine! Truly very helpful for newbies.
    I have almost all of them except for the chicken stock which I prefer to make on my own, liquid smoke which I haven't used ever, and canned green beans cause I prefer to buy fresh or frozen green beans. :)

  22. Thanks for the tips! I def don't have liquid smoke - but must figure out how to use it now!! It sounds very interesting!

  23. What a great idea for a post--I never would have thought to store nuts in the freezer!

  24. Hi everyone,

    You and your comments mean a lot to me.

  25. Great list, Christine!! Where's the chocolate? ;)


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